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Perfect Earth – Landscaping Specialists

Perfect Earth is a North Canterbury based landscaping specialists. We are experienced in stone burying and grass seeding company producing superb grassed lawns and turfs for lifestyle, commercial, parks, sports grounds, reserves and schools.

Perfect Earth provide a range of professional services for all your turf solutions, including spraying, cultivating, burying stones, clods and debris, seeding and finishing, fertilising, soil renovation, levelling, rolling and fine surface preparation.

Using a heavy duty specialist RotaDairon® Stone Burier and Seeder means we can provide fast, even seed coverage, high strike rate and one pass cultivation, creating an efficient and economical option for sowing large grassed areas, specialist turfs and lawns.

Our one pass stone burier works by passing soil backwards through a screen so that heavy material, such as stones and debris, is buried and soil is laid over the top, providing an exceptional seed bed

Our Services

Stone Burying

Our RotaDairon® seeder assists with burying stones, clods and other debris beneath the surface to produce seedbeds with minimum damage to soil structure

Levelling & Rolling

Our commercial machinery can take care of all your levelling and ground rolling, taking the back breaking hard work out of your hands.

Soil Cultivation

Our soil cultivation process is ideal prior to planting, especially for grazing paddocks or new lifestyle blocks built on ex-grazing pasture property, to improve soil structure.

Soil Renovation

Soil renovation will also reduce surface roughness and repair soils by correcting compaction and restoring the structure of pore spaces.


Before and after lawn services include spraying weeds via a specialist application system attached to ATV bike for fast application to larger areas


Our commercial fertiliser application equipment ensures a fast and even application for medium right through to large areas.

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