What is Stone Burying and other Frequently Asked Questions

What is stone burying?

Richard and the team at Perfect Earth can answer this question and much more. If you want to know anything regarding the services they offer, which include spraying, cultivating, burying stones, clods and debris, seeding and finishing plus fertilising in the North Canterbury district.

Below we have put together some of our most frequently asked questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Why should I choose you over Ready-Lawn or Hydro-Seeding?

Because we’re cheaper and you’ll get the same result!

What areas of North Canterbury do you service?

We are happy to travel to your location, however the price is dependent on transportation costs for our heavy machinery equipment.

We are known locally around Kaiapoi, Eyreton, Ohoka, Rangiora, West Eyreton, Eyrewell, Cust and nearby Oxford locations.

When is a good time to seed my lawn?

Anywhere between October and April. The colder it is, the less likely it is that the lawn will strike well.

Do you have any restrictions regarding the size of areas you can have stones buried and grass seed planted?

We specialise in lifestyle blocks, including lawns and large paddocks. We don’t usually do lawns in residential areas simply because it can be difficult to get our tractor onto a lot of properties.

How long does the seed take to strike?

Normally 5 – 10 days, however, this depends on the weather and the amount of watering the area receives.

Do you perform a site survey?

Yes. We provide a free site survey and are happy to offer advice.

What services do you offer?

We have specialist equipment for spraying, cultivating, ground levelling, burying stones, clods and debris, seeding and finishing plus fertilising.

What sort of lawn seed do you provide?

Selecting the correct lawn seed is very important and we are happy to use any seed that will suit your requirements, however we usually use a mix of 80% fine leaf perennial and 20% fescue.

How does the stone burier work?

In general terminology, the stone burier acts to buries stones and then levels the ground with a fine soil surface for the ideal bed to ensure accurate and even seed depth. The special heavy-duty rotor works in reverse rotation to throw all stones and soil against a grate with then sorts the stones and soil, leaving a dark blanket of fine soil.

We would like our old lawn removed and re-seeded. Do you provide before and after care services for this?

Yes. We can spray the area to be cultivated and also ‘rip’ the area (if the ground is very dry and hard) before burying any stones and planting the new seed. We will also fertilise the seed and roll the area firm at a later date if applicable.

Do I need to level my ground in preparation for the lawn?

The Rotadairon we use does level as it goes, but only to a certain extent.

How often should I water the soil once you the seed is down?

For best results we recommend you keep the ground moist from the time the lawn is first seeded, until it is fully established.

I’m building a new house; at what stage should I put in the lawn?

After patios and decks are done, but before trees are planted.

When should I start to mow my new lawn?

Once the grass is fully established. Never remove more than 1/3 of the height at any time and not lower than 20-25mm.

What actually is stone burying?

This is a specialised service where stony ground can be utilised to its maximum capacity simply by using a special machine to bury the stones on the surface of the paddock or lawn, the stones are buried into the ground via the machine and a fine top soil is cultivated in its place!

What kind of irrigation system should I put in - and when?

There are various types of systems you can use, it’s up to you and your budget! Irrigation main lines should go in before the lawn, and deeper than 200mm.

We currently have underground irrigation in place, will this mean you wont be able to bury the stones and re-seed this area?

We can still bury the stones and re-seed as per your requirements. We simply need to ensure we can work out where the underground irrigation system is laid out and then use high visible beacons (such as pig tail fence pegs) to ensure we are extra careful around those areas.

At what rate per square metre do you seed the lawn?

Normally 30 grams of seed per square metre, however we can seed at higher or lower rates if required.

What about fertiliser?

On newly seeded lawns we use Cropmaster DAP and for established lawns we use a slow release, nitrogen based fertiliser.

What do you recommend I use for weed control and when should I do this?

For existing established lawns, November is a good time to spray. The spray to use is dependant on the type of weeds you’ve got, however for a newly seeded lawn we use Axell® at a rate of 3 litres per hectare, and Versatill® at 1 litre per hectare. This is to be sprayed on once the lawn is at the 3-4 leaf stage. This covers most weeds.

Do you only do garden type lawns?

No. We can offer all our services for grazing paddocks, large lifestyle block lawns, outdoor turf tennis courts, polo fields, parklands and more. We have also completed re-sewing of school sports grounds, a horse trotting track and a grass turf horse riding area for a client that wanted to train her horses on both her sand arena surface and also a grass surface (similar to grass turfs she competes on). We are very flexible and work closely with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they were expecting.

It looks like the birds are eating all my grass seed, what do I do?

Don’t panic, this is normal. They will only be eating the surface seed and your lawn will still grow.

What are the top 10 weeds that you are familiar with and how would you suggest treating them?

The most common weeds we seem to see in our area is Storksbill, Wireweed, Clover, Mallow, Yarrow, Dock, Dandelion, Plantain, Fat Hen and Thistle.

In a lawn situation, all of the above weeds can be controlled with Versatill®, Axell® or Trimec® (seek advice first).

Do you have a question we haven’t answered?

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